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Friday, August 3, 2012


Yes I am extremely sentimental. For the past few weeks, I have been going through emotional roller coasters almost every day. Yet, I am thankful for all that have happened. My last few months in Singapore have been beautiful memories, and if I were to travel back time, I would choose to go through them again.

10:39 AM
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank you

"The fire will be lit when u get there. Worry not. No greater fire starter than real life." Thank you for the advice. You always say the most incredible things at the extraordinary time. Thank you. "It is this pro-activeness, this determination, this desire to not just rest on the one's laurels but go out there to seek more information and help - that eventually produces the results. "

11:14 AM
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Flying off

Dear friends, You have been a special part of my life. Spiritually or emotionally, you have been an inseparable part of my journey through school, army and personal dilemmas - all of which defined, influenced me and shaped my identity, to who I am today. A friend once told me, when life is cherry, say thank you and rejoice. When life is grey, say thank you and grow. We went through all of those. In the past years, we had fun; we laughed. We faced difficulties; we smiled. We went through joy, excitement, tough times, but never bad times. Thank you for being a part of my life. For many of us, new chapters are opening up. Some may be embarking on an unpredictable journey to another corner of the globe; some entering the western domain of our home country, charting the unknown waters, exploring and living our dreams; others making a difference in the work place, or starting a new year of academia with a fresh mind. I, too, am going to pursue my dream in the States. Next Tuesday, I will be flying off to California. We will still meet sometime in the future. However, I feel it is the time now to slot in a bookmark in our story, to mark a milestone for us. It is incredible, how we met as strangers, talked about the most random things on earth, experienced the supernatural, and become friends, for life. Cheers, Yuze

10:07 AM
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Give and Take

Give and Take - one phrase that I thought I understood but never did; only until now do I start to get an inkling. For some things, you give more, some you give less - that is balance, but not exactly balanced. Well, what is balance? 50-50? Give ten gallon and expect ten back? Eat one chicken and rear another? Nope. Balance is about feeling contented with what you have and what you have sacrificed. Balance is about giving more in one area and less in another. Balance is about giving away some parts of your life for the better. And that, may be the start of a new journey. This time, wider, deeper, and more encompassing. And whatever it is, give it your all, and never look back. You tried your best.

10:23 PM
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Friday, July 20, 2012


What my friend told me is very true: you have to be contented with what you have, and not keep pondering over what you dont have. I was on a blind chase, maybe for far too long. It was causing me so much unecessary pain. Now, it is time to let go and look at things through another perspective. Easier said than done, but I have to try.

10:37 AM
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Thursday, July 5, 2012


You know the moment, when you feel you are on top of the world. You know the moment, when you experience a gush of adrenaline. You know the moment, when you realize it is time to do something you have yearned for. ------------------------------------------------------ 'Chase' can refer to many things. Chasing your friend when playing 'ice and water'; chasing money because you wanted a big mansion by the sea; chasing things you cannot obtain. I am chasing too. But I am chasing my dreams - dream to go overseas and explore the vast and unlimited; dream to attain academic success for the first time through hard work; dream to do the things I love; dream to get rid of all my flaws. 'Chase' means pursuit. But above and beyond that, its french origin is 'skilled huntsman'. So what does a skilled huntsman do? He/she hunts down the prey. He/she reaches for the prey and gets the prey. And that is the essence. Attainment. Chase means pursuit and attainment. That is why I named myself 'Chase'. Chasing my dreams and attaining them - something that excites me so much, beyond words; something that I have been doing all my years of life; something that I feel embodies the word 'happy'. Simple word. Happy. And that is all we need. No complication. -------------------------------------------------------- You have been waiting for the moment. But you know, now is it.

8:31 PM
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have grown A LOT from three years ago. I always knew I matured, but I didn't know I changed so much, for the better. My Korea trip has made me realize that. More updates when I feel like writing!

2:40 PM
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